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Founded in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1975, From Here Press has published outstanding poets, such as Allen Ginsberg, Ruth Stone, and Rod Tulloss, and leading members of the North American haiku community, including Elizabeth Searle Lamb, Alan Pizzarelli, and Adele Kenny. Additional books include translations by Tadashi Kondô and William J. Higginson from the work of a major Japanese haiku master, Yatsuka Ishihara, and from one of his leading disciples, Ritsuo Okada, as well as titles by Higginson, the press's founder, and by our co-editor, Penny Harter. In addition, we distribute a few selected titles from other literary publishers.

Please note: Since the death of William J. Higginson in 2008, From Here Press is no longer considering new manuscripts. Please also contact Penny Harter before submitting an order to check availability.


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