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Through the waka of Saigyô, the renga of Sôgi, the painting of Sesshû, and the tea of Rikyû, one thing flows. People of such refinement submit to nature and befriend the four seasons. Where they look is nothing but flowers, what they think is nothing but the moon. Perceiving shapes other than flowers amounts to being a barbarian. Holding thoughts other than the moon is akin to being a beast. Come out from barbarians, depart from beasts. Submit to nature, return to nature.

      —Bashô, translated by wjh in The Haiku Handbook, 1985. Click on the purple letters to enter.

A Sign? For some days, Penny had been feeling that it might be important for us to go to a particular thrift store, a smaller one that we only occasionally visit. When we finally got around to it, we found . . . (continued)