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Basho's 150th Birth Anniversary International Renku Meeting
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A Half-Kasen Renku, Written at World Haikai Fusion 2004, Iga Ueno, Japan, 10 October 2004
Za: Flowering Pampas Grass — Sabaki: Tarô Miyashita
Japanese Text.

English Text and Comments.
Typhoon over—
we journey to Ueno
with the morning sun
Penny Harter
     scattered around the castle
     many kinds of nuts

Tarô Miyashita
for moon-viewing
taros boiled
in butter sauce

Masa Yamada
     kids and a cat
     peek into it

Mikiko Koga
summer begins
the sound of a flute
echoes on the hill
Teina Asaka
     on the water's surface
     the shadow of a waterstrider

after the illness
her lingering cough—
x-ray appointment

     I want to know
     everything about you

longing for
the Narrow Road of Oku
two together

     the homeless man
     still lost in memory
they'll maybe open up
a shot bar

     the mechanical clock
     stopped by the freezing moon
at year's end
the price of crude oil
jumps up

     among the ferns
     a dinosaur runs
sinking down
through sleep, I find
my mother's face

     for the east wind
     I open the skylight
blossoms' peak
the Goddess of Mercy
smiles in praise

     soap bubbles fly
     and butterflies too


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