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The Click of Mahjong Tiles
A Kasen Renku

Dedicated to the Memory of Elizabeth Searle Lamb and the Life of Alden Thomas Post Vieira

Composed Online February–May 2005

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Annotated Version.

Lunar New Year—
the click of mahjong tiles
into the wee hours

Carole MacRury

   down in the wolves' wood
   a cluster of snowdrops

Gerald England

after lunch
the farmer and his son
count lambs

Norman Darlington

   another dreamcatcher
   put in the east window

Hortensia Anderson

The Hurlers
flout the autumn wind
Eryu Susan Shand

   our hemisphere
   spun further from the sun
John E. Carley

ouch! blood
from my thumb stains
the shrike's larder

John W. Sexton

   he thickens the water
   mixing medicinal herbs

William J. Higginson

she wipes
the dust from a bottle
of vintage port

   our wedding video
   transferred to DVD

I watch the breeze
enter my neighbor's dress
on the washing-line

John W.

   under the dry lake
   a mudfish dreams

like so much rain
this silver on the roof
a cooling moon 

John E. C.

   Pope John Paul
   waits for the shadow
John W.

another day
and still the undertaker
hasn't called

   eight letters in the post
   yet only one unpaid bill

a petal drops
from the apricot branch
in my cup of tea


   a boat in the spring torrent
   of an upper Yangtze gorge


through the lattice
David's royal eye
on passing pilgrims


   with her head so high
   she steps on a potsherd

would you sweeten
every sorrow, every care
with a kiss?

John E. C.

   had I been awake . . .
   now this emptiness

an F-minor chord
in the rustling concert hall
the north wind

Fûseki Susan Shand

   wave after wave collapses
   into seafoam and snow

Turks at the gate
Vienna's pastries take on
a croissant shape

   delight on her face
   another marathon win

a blacksnake
slithers across the road
a passing cloud

   the thing about dark matter
   is its darkness
John E. C.

even this moon
nothing but a vibration
in my augenblik

   and here I am haggling
   over windfall apples


the perfect greens
are turned to perfect red,

John E. C.

   each stone a prayer
   at the mountain shrine

in his hymnbook
the choirboy scribbles
secret notes


   my initials in the sidewalk
   out there in the rising mist

from a bare branch
the blackthorn brings
another spring


   reaching grandad's pond
   she pours the tadpoles free

John W.

Carole MacRury
Gerald England
Norman Darlington
Hortensia Anderson
Eryu/Fûseki Susan Shand
John E. Carley
John W. Sexton
William J. Higginson, Sabaki

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